• The rainette Eco Gîte
  • The rainette Eco Gîte
  • The rainette Eco Gîte
  • The rainette Eco Gîte
  • The rainette Eco Gîte
  • The rainette Eco Gîte

 In the vicinity of the Gîte (Reachable on foot and by bike)

  • Cyclo rail (a railbike line).
  • Children 's playground
  • Néolithiques sites (dolmen, etc.).
  • Hiking itineraries in the forest.
  • Biking itineraries. Possibility to rent bikes in the Gîte. 
  • Local food products. 
  • Fishing. 
  • Tennis.
  • Abbeys : abbey of Septfontaines, abbaye of la Crète, etc.
  • Nice villages of Haute Marne : Ecot la Combe, Reynel, Signéville. 


To See, To Do in and around the Gîte

Lovers of nature, history, and culture will have a lot to see and do in and around Chantraines. Walking on a forest path, you will be able to see deers, discover a dolmen or an abbey.

Reachable after a 25 to 45 minutes drive.

  • Canal Champagne Burgoundy (10 km) : walks along the canal, biking and boating, etc. 
  • Horse riding (10 km) .
  • Nice village of Orqueveaux (15 km) .
  • Chaumont : city of the "affiche", old city, museum, basilique Saint Jean Baptiste, viaduc (old stone bridge for trains), swimming pool (20 km).
  • Mémorial Charles de Gaulle, Colombey les 2 Eglises (30 km).
  • The Champagne road, visit and sale (30 km).
  • Joinville, castle and its beautiful Renaissance garden (30 km).
  • Nogent, its cutlery and museum (30 km).
  • Langres, historical city (50 km).
  • Lake of Liez, Charmes, Vingeanne and of the Mouche, nautical activities (50km).
  • Fayl Billot, capitale of vannerie (60 km).


 Gîte de France Haute Marne

 Haute Marne tourism
Memorial Charles de Gaulle
Tourist information office of three valleys

Chaumont, City of the 'affiche'
et www.pays-chaumont.fr

The Channel between Champagne and Burgundy
Nogent, City of cutlery

Thank you to Jean Raisonier, Hervé Trochain, Nourdine Oumedour et Romain Barrès for photos.

  • Randonnée à proximité du gîte
  • Mémorial du Général de Gaulle
  • Chateau de Reynel
  • Randonnée au cul du cerf